Tuesday, December 6, 2011

[Expose] Yourself Project: Day[s] 5-7

Day 5. If [my] Walls Could Talk~ Hopefully they would not reveal too many of my secrets :]~ 
You would have an understanding into my life & the reason why no matter how crazy busy it gets sometimes..& no matter how full my schedule is......I still find time to pause & pray 5 times a day.

Day 6: Pattern Play. Crocheted flowers of my creation :]

Day 7. Pay [It] Forward: with my contagiously positive attitude :] I remember vividly every positive influence in my life & how each has had a definite impact upon my world.... in turn I really attempt to give back by going out of my way to reach others~ even if it's just with a smile, kind word or release of my shutter. ♥K.

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