Tuesday, November 29, 2011


So it's that time again.....The [Expose] Yourself Photography Project is back!!!   Better still, A new and improved version  because this challange has a surprise twist!!!  Are you ready for this???!!!......It's an all B&W Affair! 

I tell ya, I am not a huge fan of B&W Photography.  Don't get me wrong, I love and appreciate  B&W images.  I envy those who have to skill & technique that it takes to execute a breathtaking B&W....and let's face it, if you are going to shoot B&W, you had better make it pretty darned amazing.  I admit that intimidates  me a lot little.  Here I find an    excellent opportunity  to express myself artistically & creatively [not that I need a reason ] as well as challenge myself to improve upon areas of my Photography that currently I do not have 100% down pat., This project pushes me to do what I so often resist & many times just flat out forget~and that is to concentrate a little bit on ME.   I truly  enjoyed participating in the first set of challanges & look forward to working my magic participating in this current project.  So without further ado I present to you Day 1 & Day 2 of 


This is totally me.  I love fashion & I love my own style.  I am a fun, hyper, happy and down to earth type of personality.  I love rich thick & cushiony   fabrics, Earth tone colors with a splash here and there of something primary,  comfy shoes, textured sweaters, anything handcrafted and unique, comfy worn in jeans & nothing too flashy or flamboyant   I like my own personality to shine through....I don't feel a need to add glimmer or glam because I possess those qualities naturally...a gift from God. 
I adore handcrafted...silky, textured and unique.  
Hand me a pair of nicely worn in jeans & I'll be the happiest girl ever!!!  It's me....I am good with who I am [plus they look spectacular on]  Comfort is key but I am a girlie girl as well ..I love delicate fabrics that complement my jeans.  I am no plain Jane nor wall flower, on the contrary I am unique in my own fantastic way.  I like that about me.  


DAY 2. [ HOME]  IS [where he is]

"HE" just happens to be my best friend......
...My Love of My Life.  The Person who sees me for who I really am....& loves me anyway  hahahaha
with him I am happy, content, loved, comfortable, warm & safe~ He is [home] to me..where I want to be and where I feel safest.    I love him with all of my being.

****** 30 Days of Giving Thanks
Today on the last day of this month of November 2011  I would like to give all of my thanks & praise to  God.  I am blessed beyond measure & for that I am eternally grateful. 

Peace and Love,

Thursday, November 24, 2011

So Here Are Just Some of The Reasons Why......

..........I love him so.
My hubby knows his way directly to my heart
He understands it's the little gestures that hold the biggest meaning to me
This Thanksgiving I was left feeling a bit sad & sorry for myself. [sniffle]
I miss my family
plain and simple
Here is how my husband attempted to remedy that for me
& although I still had within my heart a tinge of sadness 
I felt a WHOLE LOT BETTER after receiving these little gifts of love!
I have the absolute BEST guy in the world!  
So that brings me to 
30 Days of Giving Thanks~Day 25:
Although it's been mentioned before...
I am thankful for my love of my life every single day
as well as 
Chocolate Truffle, Caremel Mousse & Purple Angora...
Who needs turkey when there is caramel mousse & purple tones of angora aka LOVE? 

The packaged treat [left] is was delicious chocolate truffle~ need I explain further?  Problem solved! :]

Thankful on This Thanksgiving Day

Today I am Thankful for Family.  Although I will not be home in time to celebrate this Thanksgivings festivities with mine....I am grateful for the fact that I know my family will be waiting to embrace me upon my return home~ as well as celebrate in a big turkey way , for a 2nd time in my honor...because they are absolutely the coolest people on the face of this earth.♥

  Here is a vintage  shot of my Beautiful Mother holding my oldest sibling [there are 7 of us lovely offspring], [Dad was the Photographer this day],   My lovely Grandparents, Aunts/Uncle celebrating a wonderful 1958 Thanksgiving feast prepared by my Gorgeous blue eyed, strawberry blonde haired  Grandmother who always knew how to entertain in a big way! Someday soon I will blog in her honor, she was such as wonderful, strong,  artistic,  inspirational and lovely woman.  I would love to share her memory with you. 

The Rogers Family 1958
Happy Thanksgiving my lovely fellow artists, friends/readers/followers!  I am thankful this day that  I am surrounded by so many amazing & inspirational people whom I love and adore.

Peace and Blessings,

Tuesday, November 22, 2011


I'm so happy I'm learning how to knit!!!   I actually taught myself a couple of years back but became very busy with other less challenging,  more familiar & comfortable activities. Plus I am slightly embarrassed to admit that I found knitting a lot little intimidating.  Mainly because it involves 2 instruments [needles] whereas I am used to working with one [hook].  Sounds kinda funny as I am reading that statement back to myself.  Sometimes I am my own worse enemy...who refers to knitting needles as 'instruments'? No wonder I found them to be intimidating!  Sheesh! lol

 This year though I've made it a point to step outside of my comfort zone as much as possible.  A silent personal pledge, if you will, to learn something new & interesting even and especially when that somthing may seem next to impossible.....something I find difficult.  So within this past year I have  improved upon my photography skills & concentrated on aspects that literally frightened me to even attempt.  Boy, is that silly or what?!!!   :] Now that I know...I fully realize I was  allowing fear to interrupt my fun. I have self sabotaged my entire life. I am committed to breaking this nasty habit once and for all! 
I also decided it was time to perfect my knitting skills mainly because knitting scared the heck out of me!! Why?  I dunno...I'm just a chicken shit sometimes. 

Allow me the pleasure of proudly displaying my first ever [more than 2 rows] knitting thingie. I know it doesn't look like much right now.... I don't even know what it is..or where I'm going with it....but I can proudly say quite definitely  it is a beautiful thing... I am in LOVE.  Yes in love with what I have accomplished over the past few months, in love with facing my fears & rocking it, in love with my life, in total love with living...as well as in love with this little knitted thingie:

This has me feeling almost confident enough to learn some complicated math equations.....ok now that is just  being truly  redunkulous! haha 

An additional plus is that  I feel as though all the cash spent on the lovely knitting books I've purchased over the years is somewhat justified.  As many of you already know...I am very passionate about yarn, textures, patterns and rich colors.  I can not get enough & if there is something to purchase that has an image of it's beauty...you know I can not resist. If yarn were a food, I'd be obese.    I'm unstoppable!  There is just something sexy & intriguing about an intricately woven wool or gorgeous cashmere that has me visually caressing it & unable to look away.  I love to surround myself with as much beauty as possible.  It just so happens Yarn is my drug of choice, it's what excites me and turns me on.  Is that even [normal]?  Furthermore, Is it strange that I do no have a problem admitting this to the entire world?  OK well obviously that is a slight exaggeration...as I am almost certain the entire world most certainly does not stop in to read my blog.....YET.  :]

So although I may have my fears and perhaps my fears may be further along on the fear spectrum than most,  I am proud of the fact that I have worked very hard to overcome some of them and push myself outside of my comfort zone.  I thank God that I've been able to  continually strive to improve upon my God given talents.  I may have dropped a few stitches along the way & my life is far from perfect....but I realize today, more than ever that I can do whatever it is I set out to.  I can accomplish whatever my heart desires & God has abundantly blessed me with so much & I feel grateful and in debt to do the most with what I have while I'm still here to enjoy. 

Stay tuned for knitting updates because I have sneaking suspicion this will not be the last you hear the word KNIT coming from this happy chick. :]

Peace and Love,

K ♥

30 Days of Giving Thanks: [catch up post]
Day 21 
I am thankful that among MANY other fantastic positive aspects to quitting smoking ~ My hair no longer smells like a dirty ashtray.  :]  10 months and counting baby!!! 

Monday, November 21, 2011

I [[AM][ I] ] A Photographer [?]

I am a photographer... because I enjoy taking pictures.  It's that simple.  No other explanation is necessary.
 I have a passion for Street Photography. Something about capturing  life as it happens~♥.  Men at work in central Cairo City. Shot in Cairo, Egypt. Summer 2011 All Rights Reserved.

I dislike when others attempt to find reasons to tear that simplicity apart by believing that one person is less of an artist because he/she may not know or care to follow all the written rules and regulations in regard the their interpretation.  I find these opinions rather ridiculous as art is in fact a personal interpretation & execution.  Just because not everyone 'gets' it or appreciates, doesn't mean it is not a worthy piece of art.  I am an artist because I enjoy creating things that make me feel good. Perhaps my simple explanation & relaxed criteria does not fit what others would view as prerequisite.  In my eyes it is enough & more than that, it is more than enough. 

Street Sweeper. Cairo, Egypt. 2011 all rights reserved

I have been asked on several occasions at which point in my life did I realize or consider myself a Photographer or an Artist.  My answer to that is, the day my Mother handed me her old Brownie Box camera that had been handed down to her by her mother [My Gramma R.].
As I held my new [love] treasure  in my hands, studied all the 'mechanics', figured it out....tirelessly posed & shot my victims  friends, chased, tortured & eventually shot  family members to capture that 'perfect' moment & then did that exact same thing over again...and again [to the point of irritation &  threats of bodily harm if I did not stop] :]  .......  knelt down on my hands and knees in the grass to take pictures of bugs, sticks and leaves, held my breath & shushed everyone around me to grab a shot of something that only I & my wonderfully wild imagination could see,  the moments I  envisioned the outcome of such acts with a somewhat naive, yet joyful anticipation & hopefulness,  waited patiently with bated breath, for treasured film to be developed, became intrigued by the process & wanted to learn more...and more....and more, asked questions and sought answers & never stopped asking, marveled over the result of my efforts.

Me. The Young Photographer/Artist. By the age of 12  I was crocheting & snapping photos passionately~ I pretty much knew what I wanted to do at this point in my life.  Took a while to find the right road...but I am headed down that path today & could not be happier.

My Brownie & framed photos are one of the first treasured possessions unpacked during a move into a new place 2010.  I will treasure this gift for all of my life.

That exact split sec when all the stars in the universe aligned perfectly  & life is  full of excitement.....

That very first second I held my first photograph in my hands and my eyes canvased critically & my heart leapt  with a satisfaction I had never know before....
 ....At the exact moments when all of the events took place...... at the ripe ole age of 8.
That's when I knew.
That's when I believed.
That's when I became.
Cairo, Egypt Street Shot 2011 all rights reserved

I have never stopped growing, learning, reaching, striving, breathing, living my dream.....staying in the moment & anticipating the next, every glorious, wonderful., earth shattering moment.  For as long as I have breath in my lungs &  the ability to hold  a camera, paint brush, crayon, crochet hook, knitting needles & have the energy to continually bug the heck out of all my family members and friends~  I will continue to 'make it happen'  & make it happen my own quirky, wonderful way because I truly am an Artist.....better yet.....

I am ME

'Determination'   Cairo, Egypt 2011 all rights reserved
"Compassion" Cairo, Egypt. Street Shot 2011 Total last minute 'surprise' shot~ was not even sure if I succeeded in capturing the feeling....Thank God I did.  I love this shot....it makes me smile.

"Niquabi" Cairo, Egypt 2011  This shot represents 'FREEDOM ♥ PEACE ♥ CONFIDENCE♥UNWAVERING BELIEF♥INDIVIDUALITY' That is my own personal interpretation. 

Cairo Street Vendor.  'Many Hats' What an awesome guy!  This man has a spring in his step like you would not believe!! Makes me smile just looking at this image.

Friday, November 18, 2011

Who Doesn't Appreciate a Good Root Canal Surprise?!!


["For there was never yet philosopher
That could endure the toothache patiently."]

I came in today to catch up on my 30 Days of Giving Thanks Thread ....which I've seriously slacked on over the course of the week.    I do have a pretty decent excuse however...wanna hear it?  Sure you do. :]  First off I've been super duper busy with this holiday season.  Thanking God for that!  

During a routine dentist appointment a few days ago, I was greeting by my dentists with a surprise ROOT CANAL.  I secretly cursed him throughout the entire 45 minute procedure for which I was ill prepared ...seeing as it was a SURPRISE ROOT CANAL I did not have much choice in the matter nor time for any sort of preemptive measures...such as cancelling the appointment or planning/eating dinner.  .  In fact the hubs and I enthusiastically discussed delicious entree  possibilities on our drive to the dentist office thinking we would be in and out of there in no time at all. We were both pretty hungry by that point as my appointment was scheduled for 5pm [which happens to be our exact dinner time].  Silly us...waited thinking we could enjoy something scrumptious afterward.  [note to self: Do not schedule dentist appointments during dinner time hours]

Have I ever mentioned how much of a HUGE baby I am when it comes to having to actually go to the dentist?  Well I am.  I realize most people have a 'healthy fear' of the dentist~ but my fear spills over into full blown, heart racing, sweat pouring, shaking in my boots panic attacks.  Here are some of the reason I feel this happens: 

  • 1. Pain/Numbing Meds do not work well for me.   I need triple the amount of a normal healthy person in order for it to be affective. Otherwise it wears off in the matter of 10 minutes at which point I can feel EVERYTHING...which then becomes a problem for the fact that I am a GINORMOUS BABY when it comes to mouth pain.  Any other pain I can deal with relatively well....tooth pain however is beyond my scope of tolerance.
  • 2. Most Dentists will not take my word when I tell them that Pain/Numbing Meds do not work for me & I need extra shots of medication in order for it to take affect. [if I am requesting shots..this should give the clue that I am being honest & truthful]

  • 3. It's usually only after nearly biting a digit off do they realize that I was shitting-them-not  when I mentioned Pain/Numbing Meds do not work for me.  At this point any kind of decent Dr/Patient  relationship that could have been is thrown straight out the window.  I resent the dentist for not listening to me to begin with & no longer trust him/her.   I fear him from that moment on...forever...no matter what.....he represents a person I can not trust &  also unbearable pain  in my eyes.  Likewise, The dentist then dislikes me for being a huge baby & also fears having to work anywhere near my chompers for fear that I may bite his fingers off...or attempt to. We are only people after all. 

That's how I've worked it all out in my mind....and trust me, I've had plenty of time and opportunity to figure this out. As much as I despise it...I've spent many hours of my life sitting in the dentist chair and hating every minute of it ~

So back to my current situation.  I had the surprise root canal done....and have had complications with it since...so have had to endure going back to the dreaded dentist for further treatment...because nothing in my life can just be easy or pain-free . :]~~~ 

I'm still in a great deal of discomfort...actually PAIN would be a more accurate  description. My worse fear has been realized and I am indeed in a tremendous amount of dreaded pain.  I am willing however  to tough it out for a few days to see if the antibiotics kick in...because quite frankly I'd rather suffer through this pain then have to go back in for perhaps even more painful procedures [such as sitting in the chair with heart palpitations all sweaty and stuff]

So without further ado here is my catch-up Giving Thanks Posts which I've consistently posted up on my FB page but totally slacked in doing so here:  I do believe I left off on Day 9:

  • 30 Days of Giving Thanks
  • DAY 10:I am thankful that [in exactly one month from today] I am going home to see my beautifulz xoxoxo So excited! :] JJTAA ♥
  • Day 11:I am Thankful I was born in the Land of the Free~ Home of the Brave ♥
  • Day 12:I am thankful that I am a skilled multi-tasker [years of practice]
  • Day 13:I am Thankful to God for giving me the ability to learn. I never loved learning as much as I do at this point in my life.....and every single day I learn something new, useful, foolish, silly, funny, complicated, easy....Whatever it is...no matter what... I LOVE TO LEARN!!
  • Day 14:I am thankful I am able to express myself through my art. It fills my life & me with only joy and happiness~ There is no room left for anything negative. I LOVE what I do and who I am! I am SO grateful to God
  • Day 15:  I am thankful I stocked up on pudding & yogurt because today I had a surprise root canal done~ I am also thankful for pain medication because my jaw hurts. haha 
  • :/
  • Day 16:Today I am Thankful for my niece who despite being extremely busy with her life & studying to become a Dentist~graciously took a LONG break from her studies to give me some awesome advice. Thank You Ashley! You are going to be THE BEST dentist ever! The world needs more compassionate MD's like you! ♥ I love my amazing family :] 
  • Day 17:  I am thankful to God for blessing me with a fulfilling and sometimes challenging life. I would not change one thing...not even for one minute....ever. ♥

Sunday, November 13, 2011

WARM & TRENDY COLLECTION: An Off The Hook Design by KeKe Crochet Blog

Introducing  my newest creation making it's way into my 
OFF THE HOOK DESIGNS BY KEKE Shop early December 2011

A 'WARM  &  TRENDY' Neck warmer lovingly designed & crocheted in 100% Pure Wool ~ to keep you warm & comfy  this winter. 
Warm & Trendy Collection by KEKE

This item will be available in my Etsy shop early December 2011. 
Why wait when you can order yours today via my email @ kekephotography [at] gmail [dot] com
Treat yourself to a nice warm and trendy neck warmer this cold weather season!!!
This lovely tailored scarf  can be worn in a variety of trendy ways.  I will post up illustrated images asap. You will not want to miss out  so check back often for updates.  It's a MUST SEE! Trust~  :]
So Elegant ♥♥♥
  • *100 % pure wool
  • *soft and ohhhhh so warm
  • *adorned with your choice of wooden [drk or lt brown]  or various ceramic buttons * add an additional $2.00 for ceramic selections   [styles will be posted soon]
Your choice of color thread:
  • RED
  • BLUE
  • HEATHER GREY [pic above]
  • TAN
  • custom colors upon requests.  Don't be shy to suggest  :]

$29.00 US  currency One size fits S & M
$31.00 US currency for Large/XL
kekephotography [at] gmail [dot] com

Detail 'weave'  Design ♥ I think perhaps I am in TOTAL LOVE with this design. 
 So since this is a crochet blog~ I thought I would share with you a few sneak peeks of items I am currently working on.  I hope to have all of my Holiday and Winter collections in my shop by early December.  Fingers crossed.  :]  

Yes I'm aware that you've seen the KEKE 'cowl' posted in previous entries~however although it's a bit early in the season....... I am showcasing my

 'STRING OF SPRING' [flower embellishment/necklace/headband/bookmark]  I promise to post a pattern for this lovely design I created one late night while taking a break from my 'crochet projects'...Yeah I crochet to wind down during my breaks from stressful deadline crochet projects.. hahahaa.
You've seen my VEST design as well...but wanted to show off my awesome embellishment~ I added a little kick to my original design & It's a big hit~ which is always a great thing!  I'm thinking I want one of these for me.  :]  Now to find the time......
I thought I would share this image with you a...just in case I you forgot I am a Photographer as well. :]  Of course I shot this while searching for a photo prop to showcase my crochet designs.  :]  Multi-Tasker and Proud of it!  I like this image....the colors inspire me~ I will be purchasing a few skeins of mustard goodness because I have a design stuck in my head and I really want to work it out and wear it!
The Apple has served me well.  This was the beginning of my Neck Warming Adventure....my effort took me into several hours of creating...and recreating til I got it where I wanted it.  Totally worth the time & efforts wouldn't you say?  :]

Since 1964

Thursday, November 10, 2011

30 Days of Giving Thanks: Day 10

Day 10:  I am Thankful that in approximately 30 days from today, I will be on a plane heading back to New England, USA to spend the holidays with my Family.  :]  I'm so excited to surprise these two adorable super heros!  Can't wait to see their lovely faces & shower them with hugs and kisses!!!

My Superhero Grand-babies.  They're the BEST!
Always having a great time!  Here with Mommy [My daughter, Jenn Wren]  RW Park & Zoo 2011
Equally I am super duper excited to see my children as well~ I miss their hugs, smile and laughter.  I have an amazing family ~ God has really been good to me. :]

My Tay, Me & My Jenn.  We look NOTHING alike! ha!!  ♥
My amazingly talented [artist, outstanding guitarist, computer savvy, writer~among other glorious things]  Not to mention,  handsome Son, Joe!  I can not wait to get a big hug from him!  He's such a great kid! x
I am VERY Thankful for my life~& Thankful it is Rich with Lots of amazing and WONDERFUL souls whom I adore and appreciate SO MUCH!  ♥♥♥♥

Tune in tomorrow for another crochet blog brought to you by OFF THE HOOK DESIGNS BY KEKE.  I plan to post up a little tutorial and pattern to one of my creations. Say hello if you happen to stop by.

Peace and Love,

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

A Crochet Blog: The Truth About [Dickies]

Hello there my crafty friends!  I am on a roll lately ...[not to jinx myself]  but I've actually found a few minutes each day these past few days  to blog a little.  It feels good to flex my fast-n- furious fingers across my keyboard and share stuff with you...~I hope I can continue to grace you with my blogging presence  :]

Today, I want to share with you a little something that I whipped up last night after completing a project VEST for one of my adorable littler clients.  I've been meaning to....wanting to...and committed to either create a pattern of my own, or worse case scenario, look around online for a freebie pattern for a neck warmer.  I've wanted one for a few years now but have not had much time to think about myself lately.  Last night I decided it was time to take a little me-time break from all the chaos and distractions & crochet something for me. 
The VEST from my OFF THE HOOK DESIGN COLLECTION by KEKE.  Lovingly designed and crocheted for a very adorable 4 year old cutie patoodie pie.  Hopefully I can grab some shots of him wearing this....however, no promises because he is not the most cooperative child to shoot. hahahahaa

I have to tell you though...after an entire day of crocheting, post production edits, photo sessions, tweaking my knitting skillz followed by more crochet projects with deadlines drawing ever so near....I was POOPED.  There I've  said it...POOPED! :]  It was well after midnight & I am certain my brain wave activity was nearing a flat line at that point,  I decided to begin a little Google search and see what fun I could come up with.  I typed in "FREE CROCHET NECK WARMER PATTERNS" which brought me to a bunch of free crochet patterns that did not interest me in the least.  While most of them were pretty decent patterns & some were actually very beautiful....none were what I was looking for. .  I know what I was attempting to find was not called a 'neck warmer' or 'cowl' at all...but rather a 'D-D-D-D-Dickie' [UGGGGH!]  I despise that word so much that I could not bring myself to type it in my Google search in order to find exactly what I was looking for. lol  But seriously...who likes that word?  Anyone? 

I eventually  referred to a fellow crafter/photog/crochet/knitter & all around great person, Lisa's  blog  over at OH MY GOODKNITS  [I LOVE HER STUFF].  Anywhooo I headed to her site because she offers some pretty amazing FREE crochet & knitting patterns & I vaguely remember seeing s few 'neck warmer' patterns posted up on her blog.  I actually found an awesome pattern called A MANLY COWL that I thought I would try using my extra yarn...however,  that did not exactly work out very well.  The pattern itself is excellent & I fully intend to try it using a different yarn~but not for my particular yarn choice.  
& so while inspired immensely by Lisa's outstanding work.....I was forced to come up with my very own pattern...no matter how tired I felt.  I went ahead and came up with this:
Which I totally LOVE!  It looks great...feels fantastically warm and fits perfectly.  I will eventually post up a picture of me wearing this....but not until I've pulled myself together and put on something other than sweat pants and flip flops. hahahaha.  Yeah I'm a flipping mess on the outside...but there is a method to my madness!  :]   It's called accomplishment.  :] 

I intend to create an actual 'NECK WARMER' in the very near future.  I am headed back to New England next month to spend the Holidays with my family & I know I will need more than one of these bad boys!  I have a few pretty amazing ideas in my head..right there on the surface ready to be utilized......I will share them with you as soon as I have the time to actually create them.

I close this post with Day 9 of my 30 Days of Giving Thanks:

Day 9. I am Thankful to have another beautiful day to spread a little happiness....or create chaos...whichever suits my mood. ♥

 Tune in tomorrow for my 30 Days of Giving Thanks Day 10 update & maybe I'll throw in a few fabulous pictures :].

Peace and Love,

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

30 Day of Giving Thanks: Day 8

I am thankful for my best friend. 
My love. 
My life.

'Pieces of Him' ♥ Series 2011.  All rights reserved. Copyright  KeKe Photography

Here is the guy who puts up with all my crazy moods & still loves me in spite of as well as because of the utter craziness of them...me...them hahahaaa.
He is the one who can look me in the eye on my most emotionally & physically disturbed day and tell me that I am beautiful.  & mean it.
He looks past all the disorganized, messy exterior ~the flip flop  bunn atop my head~ the double pair of granny glasses adorning my face~sweat pants & baggy shirts~ no makeup or frill girl~~ and sees something that I sometimes have a difficult time seeing myself. ME in all my glorious beauty...under the all that disaster.  He sees ME.
& He loves me for who I am.
This man GETS ME.  & hardly anyone ever does that!
He is the guy who will actually make popcorn in preparation of  & then sit down to watch a chick flick with me......& cry just as easily as I do....sometimes even more so and without hesitation.  God I love that about him!!!!
[here's to hoping he doesn't actually read this particular post. hahahaa]
Don't get me wrong, he is a man in every sense of the word.  He provides, works hard & long hours, comes home with a smile after a 12 hour day, tells me he loves me, misses me and is so glad to be home with me,  asks if there is anything he can do to make my night easier, takes the time to sit with me and talk about whatever is on my mind. He is a better than average man...in fact, he is the VERY BEST man that I know & I am so very lucky to have him. I thank God for him every single day.

He laughs at my jokes &  finds me as funny as I find myself!  A rare find indeed! 
He is not only my best friend but the man of my dreams~The apple of my eye~My prince charming~My love~My everything!  If I were to dream up a more perfect man...I would fail to do so.

I have learned to laugh at, believe in, trust & most importantly, love myself more because of him. He makes me a better, nicer more forgiving, thoughtful & patient person because he possesses all of these qualities that I admire & adore about him so much.  
He is the love of my life♥

A Crochet Blog: Flower Embellishments

Over the course of a few months I've had the pleasure of creating several different  sweater styles to add to my   OFF THE HOOK DESIGNS Collections by KeKe TM Shop.  I will not fib and say that it has been an easy task, on the contrary I have found it to be a very challanging edevour~ but one that I've thouroughly enjoyed and have learned a great deal in the process.  So it's all good  :]

One of these days I will most certainly jot down a comprehensive pattern guide to one of my sweater designs.  I promise that will eventually happen.  However, because I tend to chicken scratch my ideas as I go~& then much of the time I, myself have a hard time disiphering my own inventive shorthand,  I will have to seriously sit down with my hooks and yarn and recreate some of my work so that I'm sure what is passsed along to you, is accurate.  I will also enlist the help of a few testers to crochet along for additional reinforcement.  If you are interested in helping me on future projects please drop me a line here with an email address to contact you~ & I will consider recruiting you  :]

I am happy to announce that as of today I am in a position  to share with you a couple of my flower designs that I've come up with as garment embellishments.   These can also be used to create some pretty amazing headbands or hair ties...the possibilities are endless.  [I LURVE TO CREATE]    Both patterns are quick and easy~& I love the results.  I hope my destructions  erm,   Instructions are clear & consise.  Let me know if you run into any  inaccuracies, errors or complications within these two  [or any future] patterns.  If you would like to share your creations with me...please feel free to link me to an image.  :] 


Love, K.

 Pattern 1:  Fafoo's Flower:

freshly crocheted~I've been a little busy lately and literally have not had time to snap a shot of the final version of these flowers...but will when I have a minute to breath. Til then, you get the idea. 

I created these adorable little crocheted flowers to match a sweater [which I'll post up soon]   that I created for a client's adorable 5 year old daughter.  :]~ using cotton thread & a size 0 steel crochet hook.
However, you can use whatever kind of yarn you would like & match it with the correct sized hook for your yarn weight.  Throw all the rules out the window for this one.  Use your imagination :]

Keep in mind I use American Crochet Terms which can easily be translated into familiar terms that suit your own crochet style.

sc = single crochet
ch= chain
sl st= slip stitch
hdc= half double crochet
dbl cr= double crochet

Here Goes:

Ch 2
8 sc in the 2nd chain from hook. [8 sc]
2 sc in each sc around [16 sc]
Ch 5, sc in 3rd sc around. [6-chain 5 spaces]
***Change color of yarn to continue:
Sl St into a ch 5 space, *sc, hdc, 3 dbl cr, hdc, sc, slip* in same space
repeat pattern from * through* around.
sl st to end row. Fasten off
Weave in tails~block~Attach~Enjoy ♥


Pattern 2:  KeKe's Double 5-Petal Flower Pattern:

I used this beautiful mohair flower to adorn a pretty sweater that I created for another client's daughter, who also just happens to be 5years old.  :] 

sc = single crochet
ch= chain
sl st= slip stitch

dbl cr= double crochet
3dbl = 3 double crochet

1. ch3.  join to first ch  form a ring
2. 10 sc in center of ring you just created. [10 sc]
3.  sl st to top of first sc.
4. *sc, 3dc, sc in each, sl in next sc*; around
5. sl st to join with first sc of first petal.

working behind the petals of the first row now:

6. Ch 3 and slip stitch behind petals around, sl st to beginning ch3 [5-ch 3 spaces]
sl into first ch3 sp
7, sc, 5dc, sc in each ch-3 space around.
join with sl st to first petal

Embellish center with a button or small piece of material, yarn or whatever suits your mood :]

****Note: While I've crocheted 2 rows for this particular flower, you can quite easily crochet a third and perhaps a forth row by crocheting larger rows for each.  EX. 3rd ROW: sc, dcr, 3 trb, dcr, sc around
and so on.  Crocheting is not as complicated as some would think......with a little imagination and planning~ you can created just about anything your heart desires.  Don't be afraid to improvise and come up with your own something special.  

Peace and Love,

Monday, November 7, 2011

30 Days of Giving Thanks: Day 7

30 Days of Thanks:

Day 7. I am thankful that of all the endless possibilities & of all the living souls on this earth.... I am me :]

Sunday, November 6, 2011

30 Days of Giving Thanks: Day 6 ♥

Day 6.   I am Thankful I still have my Mothers shoulders to cry on & know that she is only a phone call/short drive away from me feeling hugged,loved, wanted & at home. 
I love my Mother so much & it doesn't matter how old I get...I will always need, love and appreciate my Mom♥♥ She is the nicest and sweetest person I have ever known & I am truly blessed to have such an excellent role model, fun-loving person & giving soul in my life.
My Beautiful Mother. Photos From Past Years.  Far Left: My cute mother cutting the grass in front of her family home in East Providence, where my grandparents lived for most of their marriage.   Middle Image: My Mother, Helen Posing with her Sisters on the porch of my Grandparents home,[ Pat,Peg & Helen]. Far Right: My Mother, Helen with her Best Friend and Sister, Peggy.  Always held hands~& never let go.
My Mom as a young adult~My parents wedding day~My Mother and her Best Friend/Sister, Peggy
Mom Rocking FB at the age of 82!  My mother celebrated her 82nd Birthday on October 31, 2011.  ♥ God has truly blessed me with a wonderful, kind and loving Mom whom I love and adore with all of my heart. x

Saturday, November 5, 2011

30 Days of Giving Thanks: Day 5 ♥

Day 5:   Eyesight, Progress & Tripods.

I am very thankful that for these past few months my hands do not shake nearly as much as they used to.  The affects of Graves has really done a number on my body, confidence, security and ability to work & earn a decent living.  Slowly & by the grace of God and my own God-given ability to want to get better~ I have slowed down the process and reversed some of the affects of this debilitating disease.  The most devastating  consequence of this disease, to me anyway is the uncontrollable hand tremors.  It's not only extremely annoying but also very depressing as well as embarrassing.  I know that sounds so ridiculous considering there are far worse physical consequences of this disease, the very worse scenario being  DEATH [yes one can die from Graves]  .......but I hate when other people happen to notice my hands shaking & happen to insist on commenting.

Much of the time people assume that I am a very high strung or nervous person [which admittedly I am...but not to the extreme~ Graves speeds the heart rate and so it may appear that persons with this disease are full of healthy energy...on the contrary the fast paced heart rate can literally kill a person & cause a heart attack].   I am exhausted much of the time...even when it appears that I am full of energy and ready to rock-n-roll, I really just want to collapse and sleep forever.  It doesn't help that in my particular case, my eyes have been affected in a physical way and they have a 'popped out' appearance to them~ That just adds to the whole 'crazed' look as I like to refer  it. hahahahhaa

I have been rudely asked just how many cups of coffee I drink in one day.  * chuckle, chuckle*  People have mentioned to me how I should try to relax and calm down. [yeah OK...if I get any more relaxed I'll be dead!]    Much of the time I take these comments with a grain of salt because most people never stop to consider that perhaps there are other reason why a person may display unusual symptoms & are not at all waiting for any kind of comments from perfect strangers.   Quite frankly, it's none of their business...but they don't seem to understand that at all.   So I let it go much of the time.  On occasion though, I have responded with a quick &  not so nice lesson on the etiquette of making conversation with a stranger.  Which incidentally doesn't include mentions of things that are none of their business.  :/  I know that is not nice...and I try very hard to be nice no matter what.  Some days though I literally feel as though I am losing my mind.  [an additional symptom of Graves]   Everyone should really watch out on those kinds of days. hahahaha.  I can get  very bitchy a  little cranky and take everything very personally.  I know it's my own problem...but if you step into my bees knees it will become yours as well.  Trust me, you don't want any part of that. hahahahahaha ...no but seriously...you don't :]~

I was stopped one day at the grocery store by a woman who felt a need to warn me to stay out of the sun because she noticed a rash on my neck [sunburn-like rashes are another lovely affect of Graves].  I thanked her and continued to shop a little more aware of the rash spreading up my neck.  [Thanks kind shopper, I really needed and appreciated your concern.]  FYI: at the time I worked in-doors about 80 hours per week...so finding any time to sit in the sun was virtually impossible. I think that fact alone bothered me more than the ridiculous assumption and comment by a total stranger.  Ha!   I should mention here that I did have ONE positive and kind encounter with a total stranger who whispered her concern for me as though it was the biggest secret ever told.  :]  She wanted to ask me if I had sought medical help for my Graves disease.  WOW!  A perfect stranger diagnosed me quicker than the 50 doctors I had previously been seen by over the years who had absolutely no clue what was causing all of my unusual symptoms.  I basically diagnosed myself and asked for a thyroid test.  Which of course came back positive.  No big surprise here.  ô¿ô   I am still very thankful for that kind stranger.  I could have hugged her! Her kindness and concern still makes me smile to this day.  See just one person can make or break your day with just one action or word.  Chose them wisely.     WOW!  Is all I can say about that!!!!!

Speaking of hand tremors....it's a little difficult to realize my dream of becoming a Pro Photographer~ all the education and practice in the world will not cure me of the shakes~ Thank God for Tripods!  They have saved my dream career!  For all the times the tremors rear their ugly heads ....I opt for the tripod & continue to shoot...and will do so for as long as I am physically capable.  God Willing. It makes it a little more difficult to have to stop and set up the pod before shooting, but either do that or quit....those are my options & I am not a quitter~ Which I am thankful for as well.  The upside is I have invented some pretty amazing & useful tricks to get around the hand shakes....I will save all that for another blog :]

This blog post is totally about giving thanks...I never intended to go off on a tantrum..but I must admit, I feel so much better getting some of that off my chest! Hahaha.  Must be having one of those crazy days.

Yes, I am very Thankful that I still can see & my eyesight has not gotten any worse since the last time I went for a check.  Thank God!!!!   While I am finding it very difficult to drive and no longer able to drive at night when it's dark.  [found this out the hard way when I almost drove over an unsuspecting pedestrian]   I am so thankful for the progress I have made within the last year or so.  All of the healthy and positive lifestyle changes have really helped me to stall the process of Graves as well as just feel and look so much better.  I have a better attitude and outlook on life.  I can handle stress a little better.   As mentioned in other posts, I work out regularly, eat healthy and take fantastic care of myself. I don't overwork myself & I pay myself what I know I am worth...which is a lot! hahahahaa .  I have lived my life on both sides of the spectrum ...which comes in handy when giving advice:   I can assure you that the healthier side is where it's at & where you want to be!!! 

I spend a little more time on ME doing ME and enjoying ME.    I no longer smoke nor do I drink alcohol or caffeine, ever.  I am very conscious & aware of every single thing I put into my body & without preaching too much....I have eliminated many diet food options that I used to love so much  & replaced them with better & more tasty alternatives that I LOVE even more now & that are so much better for me. [maybe eventually I'll post up some healthy recipes~won't that be fun!?! hahahahaa]      .  I want to live the rest of my long  life a healthy & happy person....That is what I wish to do....and that is what I intend to do...and that is what I WILL do because I am worth the effort.  & so are YOU!  You should know that and believe it!  God doesn't make mistakes!  Take care of what you have now so that you can continue to live vs. exist.  Doesn't matter how far down the path of self destruction you are~ as long as there is breath in your lungs it is not too late to change and become a better & healthier YOU! 

Until we meet again...Day 6.....tomorrow......

Have a wonderful day/afternoon/evening depending on where you happen to be in this great big wonderful world.



Friday, November 4, 2011

To Knot ♥ or Not to Knot. That is the Question. A Crochet Tutorial

Hey There.  I know I am due to post up Day 5 of my Thankful Blog...& I promise I will do that today at some point......but wanted to sneak in a little crochet tutorial this very early morning.

I never, ever, ever...ever actually tie a knot into my crochet items because it just doesn't look or feel very nice to have visible knots within a crochet pattern. [OK I have to admit here that perhaps I have, in past, tied knots while crocheting...but I was 8 years old at the time and those little mistakes have shaped me into the awesome knot-less crocheter I am today] ......

So over the course of many many years I have come up with & perfected other methods of attaching and securing my yarn so that my projects do not become unraveled/frayed nor do my nerves as I am somewhat a perfectionist, which has served me well over the years because it has forced me to come up with rather inventive sanity/yarn saving methods that I can now pass along to you.  :]    I hope this tutorial saves you the time, energy and efforts of creating & then re-creating in your search for perfection.  :]
So here goes:

When you get to the very end of a skein of yarn and need to attach another skein to finish a project...use this method for a smooth transition. [ I'm not sure if there is a name for this...probably is because any idea anyone comes up with has probably been thought of before. I just never bothered to look for it. ]  Using one strand of yarn from the new skein,  thread your yarn through a darning needle [a sewing needle with a large enough eye to accommodate the thickness of your yarn]  and weave back and forth through itself in the manner shown above. 

Gently pull the needle through all the layers of yarn so that the yarn is sewn into itself and sorta makes a loop at the end

Re-thread your needle with the yarn end where you left off on your project side. You are going to do exactly the same steps with this yarn as you did with the yarn from the new skein....this time though you will thread your darning needle and pull this yarn through the 'loop'-made of the new skein before proceeding to weave the yarn through itself in the same manner as shown above.  This method will attach the new yarn to the existing yarn that you are using to complete your project. ....Weave into itself and gently pull through all layers as done before.  

Gently pull the two attached strands of yarn to secure and smooth out any bulky areas.  You will notice that this method does increase the bulkiness of the yarn a tad..but I find that it is not so noticeable nor unsightly on most crochet patterns & far less noticeable [annoying]  than a big ole knot landed in the middle of a gorgeous pattern.     I've used this method for years and it's proven to serve as a suitable as well as secure alternative to the unsightly 'knot' method.  

***If any part of this tutorial is unclear or confusing to you, or if you have a question or comment in regard to this method, please feel free to comment below.  I check my blog almost daily and will get back to you asap.

I want to add this image of a lil something I'm currently working on.  I'm actually loving this pattern & choice of mohair thread ♥  & decided to create a sweater ~although it's working out beautifully & I'm thinking I will also whip one up for myself,  I am stuck at the sleeves and have spend literally over 10 hours working out a sleeve pattern to match the rest of the sweater.  :/  If that is not commitment, I don't know what is! hehehehe. 
I'll post up some images of this completed project....just as soon as I work it out.  Saying a little prayer and getting back to work as one of my clients is patiently awaiting the completion.  Oh boy.    Enjoy you day!!!!! x
Love, K.