Friday, December 23, 2011

A Knitting Blog ~ Off The Hook Desgns by KEKE

On this Eve before Christmas Eve I am working feverishly on last minute custom orders for clients on my  Etsy Shop .  I know, I know...I am in fact a 'last minute Annie'~ However I do some of my best work under extreme pressure.  :]

I would like to share with you a little something I will indeed finish today so that I can begin working on 2 more orders. Thinking I may or may not get any sleep this evening.  hahahaha.  It's all good though because I feel so blessed that so many of you trust in me enough to order items through my shop.  I really strive to send out beautiful, unique as well as  high quality items.  I am a bit of a perfectionist and while that trait can certainly be very annoying at serves me well in this case.  So without further ado, my 2 strand,  perfectly Egyptian cotton candy pink & 100% pure Italian grey wool goodie  [ahhh it's so soft and sweet] :

I can not say at this moment in time, exactly what this will turn out to be...but I am VERY excited to work on my very own unique knit pattern.  Finished product pix will be posted up as soon as this item is gifted out by my client.   

May your Christmas be Merry!!  Peace, Love & Happiness to you and yours this holiday season & throughout the New Year!!


Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Exciting New Beginnings in the world of KEKE Photography & Off The Hook Designs by KEKE

I have not disappeared...Promise.  :]   I have traveled back home to New England to spend the Holidays with my family & have been so busy this past week~ finally I found a few minutes to make an appearance on my lovely blog.  :]

Me with my Daughter & bf

visiting with my beautiful fam

I have the most adorable grandbabies  :]

In other news: My Etsy shop is now opened for business.  Grand opening was @10:05am~December 20, 2011. I'm more than a little excited & anticipate a great beginning to my new year, God willing.  :]
I love to create beautiful hand crafted crochet & knit items that others can enjoy.  I feel so blessed to be doing something that I adore.  Check back often to see whats brewing in the world of Off The Hook Designs by KEKE !!!!

A few samples of items heading into my new shop today:

Color block, Hand knit scarf. Extra long & Super plush

Click to visit my shop :]
worked up in a stretchy 1x1 knit

Yep, that's me modeling my beautiful scar.  LOVE IT!  ~ :]
Natural cotton wide fringed scarf.  SOOOOO super duper soft, plush, warm and comfy.


Tuesday, December 6, 2011

[Expose] Yourself Project: Day[s] 5-7

Day 5. If [my] Walls Could Talk~ Hopefully they would not reveal too many of my secrets :]~ 
You would have an understanding into my life & the reason why no matter how crazy busy it gets sometimes..& no matter how full my schedule is......I still find time to pause & pray 5 times a day.

Day 6: Pattern Play. Crocheted flowers of my creation :]

Day 7. Pay [It] Forward: with my contagiously positive attitude :] I remember vividly every positive influence in my life & how each has had a definite impact upon my world.... in turn I really attempt to give back by going out of my way to reach others~ even if it's just with a smile, kind word or release of my shutter. ♥K.

Monday, December 5, 2011

Baby Sneak Peek ~ A Crochet Blog

Hi Guys & Gals.  A very quick picture blog of the adorable little baby sneaks heading into my ETSY SHOP 
[Grand Opening will be within the next week or so]
Sneak Peek. I've named these adorable little sneaks...but that will have to remain a secret until the unveiling during Grand Opening of my Etsy Shop  :]  There will be a boy version very soon as well  :]

Here are a few of the many designs from my  Off The Hook Designs Collections that will be added to my shop during the Grand Opening this December 2011.  :]   

Uni-sex banded cap. Cotton/Acrylic blend. Machine wash/dry flat. 

The AVA cap. Cotton/Acrylic Blend.  Soft, lightweight and adorable!

Special request items.  If it involved Yarn & Imagination...I can make!  These two items have been sold~ Since I've had many requests for the same design, I will be making a few to place in my shop.  :]


Detail Tiny Bow Cap

Detail BRI CAP

Rosette Purse
Keep your eye on this blog and my Shop for exciting new designs, deals & Occasional Free Patterns you will not want to miss!

Peace  &  Love,

Saturday, December 3, 2011

A Knitting Blog

Thought I would toss in a little knitting blog today.  Not to replace my [Expose] Project Posts...but a little interruption in routine is always a welcomed surprise, wouldn't you say  :]  I really need to muster up some motivation~ It will happen eventually I sense in rushing things  :]

As some of you may know, I have recently re-taught myself to knit [the correct way this time] & so a love affair has blossomed.  ♥  Here is the  beginnings of my very first 'real' knitted item.  It will be a scarf ....hopefully very soon & is already sold to a  pretty cool client of mine who is willing to wait patiently while I practice & knit something to my satisfaction...which quite honestly may never get done because I am a bit of a control freak perfectionist.  I've literally ripped more stitches than have knitted. :/  Hanging tough thus far.   I will certainly post up some pictures of my finished project once complete.  :]   I would highly suggest that no one hold their breath. 

First ever knit cables....and I do not own a cable needle yet so improvised.  Call me crazy...but I like to challenge myself.  :]

Is it my imagination or does it take forever to knit something?  Maybe it just seem that way because I am still a very new beginner to this fabulous art.

Friday, December 2, 2011

[EXPOSE] Yourself Project [B&W] Day 4

Day 4. My Inner Age~ is very immature compared to my real one. :]~
[coloring page & hand credit goes to a very adorable 3 year old boy]

Thursday, December 1, 2011


of a fifth floor window in New Cairo, Egypt.
Mc'D's Delivery Bike.

2011 New Cairo, Egypt : My submission to today's challenge
Shot number 2.
Street view from 8th floor balcony~Cairo City, Egypt. Kids at play  ~I really like the frame of leaves in this shot....a  potential submission but ultimately I went with the above image as we can only submit one image. 

Tuesday, November 29, 2011


So it's that time again.....The [Expose] Yourself Photography Project is back!!!   Better still, A new and improved version  because this challange has a surprise twist!!!  Are you ready for this???!!!......It's an all B&W Affair! 

I tell ya, I am not a huge fan of B&W Photography.  Don't get me wrong, I love and appreciate  B&W images.  I envy those who have to skill & technique that it takes to execute a breathtaking B&W....and let's face it, if you are going to shoot B&W, you had better make it pretty darned amazing.  I admit that intimidates  me a lot little.  Here I find an    excellent opportunity  to express myself artistically & creatively [not that I need a reason ] as well as challenge myself to improve upon areas of my Photography that currently I do not have 100% down pat., This project pushes me to do what I so often resist & many times just flat out forget~and that is to concentrate a little bit on ME.   I truly  enjoyed participating in the first set of challanges & look forward to working my magic participating in this current project.  So without further ado I present to you Day 1 & Day 2 of 


This is totally me.  I love fashion & I love my own style.  I am a fun, hyper, happy and down to earth type of personality.  I love rich thick & cushiony   fabrics, Earth tone colors with a splash here and there of something primary,  comfy shoes, textured sweaters, anything handcrafted and unique, comfy worn in jeans & nothing too flashy or flamboyant   I like my own personality to shine through....I don't feel a need to add glimmer or glam because I possess those qualities naturally...a gift from God. 
I adore handcrafted...silky, textured and unique.  
Hand me a pair of nicely worn in jeans & I'll be the happiest girl ever!!!  It's me....I am good with who I am [plus they look spectacular on]  Comfort is key but I am a girlie girl as well ..I love delicate fabrics that complement my jeans.  I am no plain Jane nor wall flower, on the contrary I am unique in my own fantastic way.  I like that about me.  


DAY 2. [ HOME]  IS [where he is]

"HE" just happens to be my best friend......
...My Love of My Life.  The Person who sees me for who I really am....& loves me anyway  hahahaha
with him I am happy, content, loved, comfortable, warm & safe~ He is [home] to me..where I want to be and where I feel safest.    I love him with all of my being.

****** 30 Days of Giving Thanks
Today on the last day of this month of November 2011  I would like to give all of my thanks & praise to  God.  I am blessed beyond measure & for that I am eternally grateful. 

Peace and Love,

Thursday, November 24, 2011

So Here Are Just Some of The Reasons Why......

..........I love him so.
My hubby knows his way directly to my heart
He understands it's the little gestures that hold the biggest meaning to me
This Thanksgiving I was left feeling a bit sad & sorry for myself. [sniffle]
I miss my family
plain and simple
Here is how my husband attempted to remedy that for me
& although I still had within my heart a tinge of sadness 
I felt a WHOLE LOT BETTER after receiving these little gifts of love!
I have the absolute BEST guy in the world!  
So that brings me to 
30 Days of Giving Thanks~Day 25:
Although it's been mentioned before...
I am thankful for my love of my life every single day
as well as 
Chocolate Truffle, Caremel Mousse & Purple Angora...
Who needs turkey when there is caramel mousse & purple tones of angora aka LOVE? 

The packaged treat [left] is was delicious chocolate truffle~ need I explain further?  Problem solved! :]

Thankful on This Thanksgiving Day

Today I am Thankful for Family.  Although I will not be home in time to celebrate this Thanksgivings festivities with mine....I am grateful for the fact that I know my family will be waiting to embrace me upon my return home~ as well as celebrate in a big turkey way , for a 2nd time in my honor...because they are absolutely the coolest people on the face of this earth.♥

  Here is a vintage  shot of my Beautiful Mother holding my oldest sibling [there are 7 of us lovely offspring], [Dad was the Photographer this day],   My lovely Grandparents, Aunts/Uncle celebrating a wonderful 1958 Thanksgiving feast prepared by my Gorgeous blue eyed, strawberry blonde haired  Grandmother who always knew how to entertain in a big way! Someday soon I will blog in her honor, she was such as wonderful, strong,  artistic,  inspirational and lovely woman.  I would love to share her memory with you. 

The Rogers Family 1958
Happy Thanksgiving my lovely fellow artists, friends/readers/followers!  I am thankful this day that  I am surrounded by so many amazing & inspirational people whom I love and adore.

Peace and Blessings,

Tuesday, November 22, 2011


I'm so happy I'm learning how to knit!!!   I actually taught myself a couple of years back but became very busy with other less challenging,  more familiar & comfortable activities. Plus I am slightly embarrassed to admit that I found knitting a lot little intimidating.  Mainly because it involves 2 instruments [needles] whereas I am used to working with one [hook].  Sounds kinda funny as I am reading that statement back to myself.  Sometimes I am my own worse enemy...who refers to knitting needles as 'instruments'? No wonder I found them to be intimidating!  Sheesh! lol

 This year though I've made it a point to step outside of my comfort zone as much as possible.  A silent personal pledge, if you will, to learn something new & interesting even and especially when that somthing may seem next to impossible.....something I find difficult.  So within this past year I have  improved upon my photography skills & concentrated on aspects that literally frightened me to even attempt.  Boy, is that silly or what?!!!   :] Now that I know...I fully realize I was  allowing fear to interrupt my fun. I have self sabotaged my entire life. I am committed to breaking this nasty habit once and for all! 
I also decided it was time to perfect my knitting skills mainly because knitting scared the heck out of me!! Why?  I dunno...I'm just a chicken shit sometimes. 

Allow me the pleasure of proudly displaying my first ever [more than 2 rows] knitting thingie. I know it doesn't look like much right now.... I don't even know what it is..or where I'm going with it....but I can proudly say quite definitely  it is a beautiful thing... I am in LOVE.  Yes in love with what I have accomplished over the past few months, in love with facing my fears & rocking it, in love with my life, in total love with well as in love with this little knitted thingie:

This has me feeling almost confident enough to learn some complicated math equations.....ok now that is just  being truly  redunkulous! haha 

An additional plus is that  I feel as though all the cash spent on the lovely knitting books I've purchased over the years is somewhat justified.  As many of you already know...I am very passionate about yarn, textures, patterns and rich colors.  I can not get enough & if there is something to purchase that has an image of it's know I can not resist. If yarn were a food, I'd be obese.    I'm unstoppable!  There is just something sexy & intriguing about an intricately woven wool or gorgeous cashmere that has me visually caressing it & unable to look away.  I love to surround myself with as much beauty as possible.  It just so happens Yarn is my drug of choice, it's what excites me and turns me on.  Is that even [normal]?  Furthermore, Is it strange that I do no have a problem admitting this to the entire world?  OK well obviously that is a slight I am almost certain the entire world most certainly does not stop in to read my blog.....YET.  :]

So although I may have my fears and perhaps my fears may be further along on the fear spectrum than most,  I am proud of the fact that I have worked very hard to overcome some of them and push myself outside of my comfort zone.  I thank God that I've been able to  continually strive to improve upon my God given talents.  I may have dropped a few stitches along the way & my life is far from perfect....but I realize today, more than ever that I can do whatever it is I set out to.  I can accomplish whatever my heart desires & God has abundantly blessed me with so much & I feel grateful and in debt to do the most with what I have while I'm still here to enjoy. 

Stay tuned for knitting updates because I have sneaking suspicion this will not be the last you hear the word KNIT coming from this happy chick. :]

Peace and Love,

K ♥

30 Days of Giving Thanks: [catch up post]
Day 21 
I am thankful that among MANY other fantastic positive aspects to quitting smoking ~ My hair no longer smells like a dirty ashtray.  :]  10 months and counting baby!!! 

Monday, November 21, 2011

I [[AM][ I] ] A Photographer [?]

I am a photographer... because I enjoy taking pictures.  It's that simple.  No other explanation is necessary.
 I have a passion for Street Photography. Something about capturing  life as it happens~♥.  Men at work in central Cairo City. Shot in Cairo, Egypt. Summer 2011 All Rights Reserved.

I dislike when others attempt to find reasons to tear that simplicity apart by believing that one person is less of an artist because he/she may not know or care to follow all the written rules and regulations in regard the their interpretation.  I find these opinions rather ridiculous as art is in fact a personal interpretation & execution.  Just because not everyone 'gets' it or appreciates, doesn't mean it is not a worthy piece of art.  I am an artist because I enjoy creating things that make me feel good. Perhaps my simple explanation & relaxed criteria does not fit what others would view as prerequisite.  In my eyes it is enough & more than that, it is more than enough. 

Street Sweeper. Cairo, Egypt. 2011 all rights reserved

I have been asked on several occasions at which point in my life did I realize or consider myself a Photographer or an Artist.  My answer to that is, the day my Mother handed me her old Brownie Box camera that had been handed down to her by her mother [My Gramma R.].
As I held my new [love] treasure  in my hands, studied all the 'mechanics', figured it out....tirelessly posed & shot my victims  friends, chased, tortured & eventually shot  family members to capture that 'perfect' moment & then did that exact same thing over again...and again [to the point of irritation &  threats of bodily harm if I did not stop] :]  .......  knelt down on my hands and knees in the grass to take pictures of bugs, sticks and leaves, held my breath & shushed everyone around me to grab a shot of something that only I & my wonderfully wild imagination could see,  the moments I  envisioned the outcome of such acts with a somewhat naive, yet joyful anticipation & hopefulness,  waited patiently with bated breath, for treasured film to be developed, became intrigued by the process & wanted to learn more...and more....and more, asked questions and sought answers & never stopped asking, marveled over the result of my efforts.

Me. The Young Photographer/Artist. By the age of 12  I was crocheting & snapping photos passionately~ I pretty much knew what I wanted to do at this point in my life.  Took a while to find the right road...but I am headed down that path today & could not be happier.

My Brownie & framed photos are one of the first treasured possessions unpacked during a move into a new place 2010.  I will treasure this gift for all of my life.

That exact split sec when all the stars in the universe aligned perfectly  & life is  full of excitement.....

That very first second I held my first photograph in my hands and my eyes canvased critically & my heart leapt  with a satisfaction I had never know before....
 ....At the exact moments when all of the events took place...... at the ripe ole age of 8.
That's when I knew.
That's when I believed.
That's when I became.
Cairo, Egypt Street Shot 2011 all rights reserved

I have never stopped growing, learning, reaching, striving, breathing, living my dream.....staying in the moment & anticipating the next, every glorious, wonderful., earth shattering moment.  For as long as I have breath in my lungs &  the ability to hold  a camera, paint brush, crayon, crochet hook, knitting needles & have the energy to continually bug the heck out of all my family members and friends~  I will continue to 'make it happen'  & make it happen my own quirky, wonderful way because I truly am an Artist.....better yet.....

I am ME

'Determination'   Cairo, Egypt 2011 all rights reserved
"Compassion" Cairo, Egypt. Street Shot 2011 Total last minute 'surprise' shot~ was not even sure if I succeeded in capturing the feeling....Thank God I did.  I love this makes me smile.

"Niquabi" Cairo, Egypt 2011  This shot represents 'FREEDOM ♥ PEACE ♥ CONFIDENCE♥UNWAVERING BELIEF♥INDIVIDUALITY' That is my own personal interpretation. 

Cairo Street Vendor.  'Many Hats' What an awesome guy!  This man has a spring in his step like you would not believe!! Makes me smile just looking at this image.

Friday, November 18, 2011

Who Doesn't Appreciate a Good Root Canal Surprise?!!


["For there was never yet philosopher
That could endure the toothache patiently."]

I came in today to catch up on my 30 Days of Giving Thanks Thread ....which I've seriously slacked on over the course of the week.    I do have a pretty decent excuse however...wanna hear it?  Sure you do. :]  First off I've been super duper busy with this holiday season.  Thanking God for that!  

During a routine dentist appointment a few days ago, I was greeting by my dentists with a surprise ROOT CANAL.  I secretly cursed him throughout the entire 45 minute procedure for which I was ill prepared ...seeing as it was a SURPRISE ROOT CANAL I did not have much choice in the matter nor time for any sort of preemptive measures...such as cancelling the appointment or planning/eating dinner.  .  In fact the hubs and I enthusiastically discussed delicious entree  possibilities on our drive to the dentist office thinking we would be in and out of there in no time at all. We were both pretty hungry by that point as my appointment was scheduled for 5pm [which happens to be our exact dinner time].  Silly us...waited thinking we could enjoy something scrumptious afterward.  [note to self: Do not schedule dentist appointments during dinner time hours]

Have I ever mentioned how much of a HUGE baby I am when it comes to having to actually go to the dentist?  Well I am.  I realize most people have a 'healthy fear' of the dentist~ but my fear spills over into full blown, heart racing, sweat pouring, shaking in my boots panic attacks.  Here are some of the reason I feel this happens: 

  • 1. Pain/Numbing Meds do not work well for me.   I need triple the amount of a normal healthy person in order for it to be affective. Otherwise it wears off in the matter of 10 minutes at which point I can feel EVERYTHING...which then becomes a problem for the fact that I am a GINORMOUS BABY when it comes to mouth pain.  Any other pain I can deal with relatively well....tooth pain however is beyond my scope of tolerance.
  • 2. Most Dentists will not take my word when I tell them that Pain/Numbing Meds do not work for me & I need extra shots of medication in order for it to take affect. [if I am requesting shots..this should give the clue that I am being honest & truthful]

  • 3. It's usually only after nearly biting a digit off do they realize that I was shitting-them-not  when I mentioned Pain/Numbing Meds do not work for me.  At this point any kind of decent Dr/Patient  relationship that could have been is thrown straight out the window.  I resent the dentist for not listening to me to begin with & no longer trust him/her.   I fear him from that moment matter what.....he represents a person I can not trust &  also unbearable pain  in my eyes.  Likewise, The dentist then dislikes me for being a huge baby & also fears having to work anywhere near my chompers for fear that I may bite his fingers off...or attempt to. We are only people after all. 

That's how I've worked it all out in my mind....and trust me, I've had plenty of time and opportunity to figure this out. As much as I despise it...I've spent many hours of my life sitting in the dentist chair and hating every minute of it ~

So back to my current situation.  I had the surprise root canal done....and have had complications with it have had to endure going back to the dreaded dentist for further treatment...because nothing in my life can just be easy or pain-free . :]~~~ 

I'm still in a great deal of discomfort...actually PAIN would be a more accurate  description. My worse fear has been realized and I am indeed in a tremendous amount of dreaded pain.  I am willing however  to tough it out for a few days to see if the antibiotics kick in...because quite frankly I'd rather suffer through this pain then have to go back in for perhaps even more painful procedures [such as sitting in the chair with heart palpitations all sweaty and stuff]

So without further ado here is my catch-up Giving Thanks Posts which I've consistently posted up on my FB page but totally slacked in doing so here:  I do believe I left off on Day 9:

  • 30 Days of Giving Thanks
  • DAY 10:I am thankful that [in exactly one month from today] I am going home to see my beautifulz xoxoxo So excited! :] JJTAA ♥
  • Day 11:I am Thankful I was born in the Land of the Free~ Home of the Brave ♥
  • Day 12:I am thankful that I am a skilled multi-tasker [years of practice]
  • Day 13:I am Thankful to God for giving me the ability to learn. I never loved learning as much as I do at this point in my life.....and every single day I learn something new, useful, foolish, silly, funny, complicated, easy....Whatever it matter what... I LOVE TO LEARN!!
  • Day 14:I am thankful I am able to express myself through my art. It fills my life & me with only joy and happiness~ There is no room left for anything negative. I LOVE what I do and who I am! I am SO grateful to God
  • Day 15:  I am thankful I stocked up on pudding & yogurt because today I had a surprise root canal done~ I am also thankful for pain medication because my jaw hurts. haha 
  • :/
  • Day 16:Today I am Thankful for my niece who despite being extremely busy with her life & studying to become a Dentist~graciously took a LONG break from her studies to give me some awesome advice. Thank You Ashley! You are going to be THE BEST dentist ever! The world needs more compassionate MD's like you! ♥ I love my amazing family :] 
  • Day 17:  I am thankful to God for blessing me with a fulfilling and sometimes challenging life. I would not change one thing...not even for one minute....ever. ♥

Sunday, November 13, 2011

WARM & TRENDY COLLECTION: An Off The Hook Design by KeKe Crochet Blog

Introducing  my newest creation making it's way into my 
OFF THE HOOK DESIGNS BY KEKE Shop early December 2011

A 'WARM  &  TRENDY' Neck warmer lovingly designed & crocheted in 100% Pure Wool ~ to keep you warm & comfy  this winter. 
Warm & Trendy Collection by KEKE

This item will be available in my Etsy shop early December 2011. 
Why wait when you can order yours today via my email @ kekephotography [at] gmail [dot] com
Treat yourself to a nice warm and trendy neck warmer this cold weather season!!!
This lovely tailored scarf  can be worn in a variety of trendy ways.  I will post up illustrated images asap. You will not want to miss out  so check back often for updates.  It's a MUST SEE! Trust~  :]
So Elegant ♥♥♥
  • *100 % pure wool
  • *soft and ohhhhh so warm
  • *adorned with your choice of wooden [drk or lt brown]  or various ceramic buttons * add an additional $2.00 for ceramic selections   [styles will be posted soon]
Your choice of color thread:
  • RED
  • BLUE
  • HEATHER GREY [pic above]
  • TAN
  • custom colors upon requests.  Don't be shy to suggest  :]

$29.00 US  currency One size fits S & M
$31.00 US currency for Large/XL
kekephotography [at] gmail [dot] com

Detail 'weave'  Design ♥ I think perhaps I am in TOTAL LOVE with this design. 
 So since this is a crochet blog~ I thought I would share with you a few sneak peeks of items I am currently working on.  I hope to have all of my Holiday and Winter collections in my shop by early December.  Fingers crossed.  :]  

Yes I'm aware that you've seen the KEKE 'cowl' posted in previous entries~however although it's a bit early in the season....... I am showcasing my

 'STRING OF SPRING' [flower embellishment/necklace/headband/bookmark]  I promise to post a pattern for this lovely design I created one late night while taking a break from my 'crochet projects'...Yeah I crochet to wind down during my breaks from stressful deadline crochet projects.. hahahaa.
You've seen my VEST design as well...but wanted to show off my awesome embellishment~ I added a little kick to my original design & It's a big hit~ which is always a great thing!  I'm thinking I want one of these for me.  :]  Now to find the time......
I thought I would share this image with you a...just in case I you forgot I am a Photographer as well. :]  Of course I shot this while searching for a photo prop to showcase my crochet designs.  :]  Multi-Tasker and Proud of it!  I like this image....the colors inspire me~ I will be purchasing a few skeins of mustard goodness because I have a design stuck in my head and I really want to work it out and wear it!
The Apple has served me well.  This was the beginning of my Neck Warming effort took me into several hours of creating...and recreating til I got it where I wanted it.  Totally worth the time & efforts wouldn't you say?  :]

Since 1964