Friday, January 20, 2012

Forging On & Finding Purpose

Hi My Friends & Family!!

WARNING: This blog contains not even one picture!!  Read at your own risk.  :]

I know I've been posting a lot about my OTHDbyKEKE Designs & less about my KEKE Photography.  There are a few things happening in my life that have prevented me from getting out there & rocking my love for photography.   Don't worry, I will not say that the lack of photographic equipment is one of those reasons ~ to be perfectly honest though, it is.  It's very true that one needs to have financial backing to gain any real success in the photography industry because the equipment used is wicked expensive. My love for the craft will not sustain me alone.   Currently I do not have the funds to support my photography habit.  Sad but true.  I know many photogs will argue with me about the above statement because it's a widely known fact that it doesn't really matter what type of camera one's more about the use of said camera.  Personally though, I feel like I am very limited as to what I can accomplish using my current camera and lens.  I'm still rocking it.I'm still loving it.....just on a smaller & more personal scale than  I had initially anticipated going into my endeavor.  I have not in any way given up, on the contrary, I still seek to educate myself in regard to my artistic abilities....& that is not limited to my Photography alone.

As many of you already know, I have been inflicted with a pretty debilitation disease called Grave's.  It's truly a royal pain in my ass & as of late symptoms of this disease have reared their ugly heads once again.  I'm experiencing a lot of hand and body tremors that make it impossible to hold my cam steady. My eyesight has also suffered a great deal & I'm finding difficulty focusing in on my subjects.     While I will not allow this to stop me from enjoying my photography~ It has clearly put a damper on things in a professional capacity.  It is my hope that these symptoms will go into remission once again to allow  my body to obey what my heart desires.    Until then though, I have decided to just keep forging forward with what God has planned for me.  I have faith that everything happens for reasons & although the wisdom behind that may be unclear to me at this moment in time, it is clear to me that God does have a plan for my life  & there are reasons why everything happens.  Difficult? Yes. Impossible? No way!!

And so I am forging forward and finding purpose in my life.  I have a love of  life and making things happen & allowing things to occur gracefully. I know my life holds meaning & purpose although I am not always confident in what that truly means.   I am no longer the type of person to give up easily.  My faith in God allows me to keep a positive attitude because I know my life is in his hands.  My love for God allows me to love my life the way that it is.  Regardless and also because of the struggles I face.  I realize fully that things could be a lot worse for me as they are for others.  I really try my best to always look outside of my own sufferings to have a sympathetic view of others plights in life that are greater than mine.  Attitude is so important when facing difficulties. My positivity has definitely helped make things easier to deal with. 

And so I forge ahead and take enjoyment in the things that I am still capable of doing. I still plan to enjoy my love for photography & plan to continue to contribute by way of my free Photoshop tutorials as well as lending my knowledge to others who are just starting out with professional Photography careers.  I've learned much over my 40 some odd years on this planet. I have lots to contribute to others.   Sharing is caring and I plan on doing just that.   I've begun my journey into a new love, & have opened up an Etsy shop where I display some wonderful handcrafted items.  I pour my heart and soul into everything that I make & it is my hope that makes others happy to own something so special to me.    Although my eyesight places huge annoying obstacles in regard to my Photography~I am still able to enjoy that & other artistic abilities such as knitting, crocheting, writing and crafting.  I LOVE what I am able to do & appreciate my abilities so much more knowing that they can be taken away at any given moment.  I am concentrating on things that I love & am able to do.  My heart is full.

I realize there is purpose in my life.  I understand what is most important to me, my family being number one! The support and love of my husband could carry me through for the rest of my days on this earth.  That's really all that matters.  I'm still here and able to breath, see, feel, love and enjoy. 

I'm forging on and rocking my thang no matter what my 'thang' may be!!

Peace and Love,

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Off The HOOK! A Crochet Blog

New Items listed in my Etsy Shop this week.  Working feverishly on a custom order that I've been blessed with.  I'm very excited to have the pleasure of designing and creating something amazing for a newborn baby for one of my new clients.  :]   I'll definitely post some images of the finished product once complete....but for now I want to share a sneak[er] peek of one of my recent works of art.  :]
To view complete details on this project, please visit my Etsy <~~~~by clicking on this link :]

A pattern for my Infant Shoes will be available via my Etsy soon.  Don't crochet?  You can also purchase these little tootsie warmers custom made by me. 

Sunday, January 15, 2012

Off The Hook Designs by KEKE~A Crochted Blog

EEEEK!  It's been a while since I last posted something here.  It's a good sign as I have been very busy with my new shop & orders for crochet & knitted goodies!  I LOVE LOVE LOVE what I do!  I am so very grateful for the opportunity to design and create wonderful handmade items for some pretty awesome clients, many of whom I have become quite fond of and good friends with. Orders are just flying OFF THE HOOK!  Thanking God!

It is my plan this evening to begin jotting down some of my patterns to post up in my Etsy Shop~but also I would love the opportunity to share a few of my freebie design patterns with you here.  I know, I know, I keep saying this...but I promise to do this before the end of next month. I promissse.  :]

Today though, I would like to share some of my new designs freshly posted up in my shop.  It is my hope that these little infant hats will sell & be worn by some lucky little girl or boy very soon.  I just love knowing there are folks out there wearing and enjoying something that I have poured so much love and care into making. I love the positive feedback I receive~it just makes what I do that much more exciting and enjoyable!   It really does warm my heart!

Click on image to visit &  view details posted on my Etsy Shop
Click on image for details posted in my Etsy Shop
Click on image for details posted in my Etsy Shop
Click on image for details posted in my Etsy Shop
Click on image for details posted in my Etsy Shop