Monday, October 24, 2011

Knock, Knock...

Who is there?  Obviously not much of me lately.

WOW! Have I been one busy bee!  Totally thanking God and not complaining AT ALL!  Busy to me, is always a great thing.  :]   I've been blessed with a few challenging 'Off The Hook Design' TM orders and having a blast creating and recreating some pretty awesome stuff for some pretty rocking peeps.  :]

I've also been a bit busy with some interesting Photography excursions as of late.  I can't say I am in a position at this very moment to make a living solely on my Photography~ Which is why I am very grateful I have other interest & ways of earning that make me equally as happy :]    I can say with conviction and strength that I will never again in my lifetime work a job for someone other then me.  I will earn my living doing something I love and I will love living my life while earning my living.  ............. I do however very much enjoy getting out there and shooting people on the streets. It's the most interesting activity I've ever decided get out there and just can't really explain the feeling of passion I have for this 'sport'~ but I highly recommend any brave soul to try it ....even just once.  Get out there and meet & greet & shoot!  You will be very happy you did.  Either that or you will be very angry that I suggested this to you. :]   People are people no matter what street you are on or what part of the world that street happens to be.  Some will welcome you with open arms & some will not wish you to bother them and/or especially shoot them & they are usually the ones to let those feelings known in not so nice terms.   It's a slippery slope that should be considered with caution, care and compassion for others as well as your own safety and well being.  Personally, I enjoy the challenge & the absolute confidence it takes to achieve the shot that I have in my minds eye.   I feel so energized and accomplished when I am able to achieve what I have set out to do and overcome any obstacle or fear that may be placed along my path.    It's funny because I have lacked confidence for all of my just about every area.  It's only been since I've seriously implemented the tools and God given talents into my life that I have been able to truly feel confident about what I do....but not only that, where I am going and who I am as a person today as well as an artist.  I think too since I'm older-ish now~ I'm heading into~but not quite there yet,  the big 50.  I've experienced life with all it's good parts and bad.  I've seen perfectly healthy people pass on with so much more potential then they ever had courage to achieve in their lifetime....& I am fully aware that life is precious and in a blink of an eye, over.  Why live a life of fear and insecurity that prevents one from living fully  when we only have what amounts to minutes really, to live it?  I say live your life fearlessly and with passion & purpose!!  Better sooner then later.    Speaking of passion and purpose.  

This image was shot just a few day ago here on the streets on Cairo.  Children making a playground out of a few piles of sand left behind by the construction crew [you can see them driving away up ahead].  One of the reasons I love and appreciate children is their carefree fun loving attitude as well as their ability to have spontaneous fun with whatever tools are at their disposal.  These children do not have much....but check out these faces that show nothing but smiles and contentment.  I want  to be this carefree while I grow old.  ♥

Street Photography Shot in Cairo, Egypt. October 2011  All rights reserved Copyright KeKe Photography

So on this Monday, among the many half & almost finished projects I have laying here in front of me,  along side all of the post production work I wish to complete before the end of this glorious day~ I've decided to take a short break and come say hello to YOU!  Because I realize as well that we should all take the time to make every single person we come in contact with, feel special and part of our world.  This is my way of  making that happen.

While I do promise my next post will contain some pretty amazing pictures,  I can not promise that I will be back tomorrow or even the next day...but just know that I am here living my life to it's very fullest and squeezing in as much HAPPINESS I can.  I hope you do the same.

I leave you with one more image of my beautiful girls J & T   :] Just because they look so cute together all dressed up for this years Halloween Party♥

Peace and Love,


Sunday, October 2, 2011

Off The Hook Designs by KeKe: A Crochet...Blog :]

This blog is sure to leave you in stitches.  Get it?!  Stitiches!   :}~
I feel as though I can act as goofy as I want on here because....well mostly because this is my blog ~But also because I am sure there are days I'm pretty much talking to myself. HA!  :]  & While that is perfectly ok ...I hope that some of my stuff reaches those who enjoy rambling blogs with lots of creative pichas. 

Since I've received a few orders for some of my crocheted hats [WOO-HOO * Doing the HAPPY dance * ] I thought I would post up a few images of the designs I'm currently working on.  

THE AVA CAP Inspired by my beautiful Granddaughter who LOVES all things Pink and Princess [y].  Obviously this cap is a little large for my vintage doll, but she was all I had to work with today.  I must express just how much I LOVE this design!  I really do!  Can't wait to see it on a 'real' little person. 

If you LOVE this as much as I do and you would LOVE to own one,  you can contact me via my email at kekephotography [at] yahoo [dot] com. 
Visit my facebook [linked on sidebar] for design updates and information.

AVA' Cap
Designed and lovingly crocheted by KeKe :]
All rights reserved.

Beautiful Oh so very soft wool/Poly blend.... Very Pink Noggin Topper. 

Can be worked up in any color of your choice :] As well as customized in your choice of a wooden button or crocheted flower applique [such as the one shown in these images]   Strap and actual button hole worked right into this close stitch design. It's really really cute! :]
Sized 4-adult.

Great match for my Petite Rosette Child's Purse Design which is a hot item in my design collection. 
  Of course having worked on my Ava Cap for much of the morning....I felt a need to put some equal time into creating my Aiden Cap [inspired by my adorable Grandson], which I began designing last week....but life sometimes has a way of interrupting my intentions and so my Aiden Cap was temporarily put on the back burner til today.  

Off The Hook Designs by KeKe:  AIDEN CAP.  Designed and crocheted with love by KeKe.
all rights reserved.

Extremely Adorable, Soft to the touch & Lightweight [cotton blend] yet very warm and cozy cap~ design inspired by my adorable grandson, Aiden & shared with you for the little lovie in your life.

Colors vary.  Boys & girls sizes: Preemie - 10-12

Adult version of this cap style to be posted soon.

Because the above designs are centered around the little people in your life,   you will never find long strings ,removable buttons or pom-poms that can be pulled off & become a choking hazard to young children.  I am a safety conscious Mom as well as a Grandma & make every effort to ensure your purchases are safe and usable for your children just as I would for my own.
All of my creations are whipped up in a clean, smoke free  & pet  free environment for  your safety and allergy free comfort.

Kindly direct all inquiries via my email  at:
kekephotography [at] yahoo [dot] com
I love hearing from you so please do not hesitate to write me with your questions, suggestions or purchases :]

Be sure to stop in again  for more of my crochet design blogs as well as Photoshop Tutorials & Photography :]