Friday, December 23, 2011

A Knitting Blog ~ Off The Hook Desgns by KEKE

On this Eve before Christmas Eve I am working feverishly on last minute custom orders for clients on my  Etsy Shop .  I know, I know...I am in fact a 'last minute Annie'~ However I do some of my best work under extreme pressure.  :]

I would like to share with you a little something I will indeed finish today so that I can begin working on 2 more orders. Thinking I may or may not get any sleep this evening.  hahahaha.  It's all good though because I feel so blessed that so many of you trust in me enough to order items through my shop.  I really strive to send out beautiful, unique as well as  high quality items.  I am a bit of a perfectionist and while that trait can certainly be very annoying at serves me well in this case.  So without further ado, my 2 strand,  perfectly Egyptian cotton candy pink & 100% pure Italian grey wool goodie  [ahhh it's so soft and sweet] :

I can not say at this moment in time, exactly what this will turn out to be...but I am VERY excited to work on my very own unique knit pattern.  Finished product pix will be posted up as soon as this item is gifted out by my client.   

May your Christmas be Merry!!  Peace, Love & Happiness to you and yours this holiday season & throughout the New Year!!


Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Exciting New Beginnings in the world of KEKE Photography & Off The Hook Designs by KEKE

I have not disappeared...Promise.  :]   I have traveled back home to New England to spend the Holidays with my family & have been so busy this past week~ finally I found a few minutes to make an appearance on my lovely blog.  :]

Me with my Daughter & bf

visiting with my beautiful fam

I have the most adorable grandbabies  :]

In other news: My Etsy shop is now opened for business.  Grand opening was @10:05am~December 20, 2011. I'm more than a little excited & anticipate a great beginning to my new year, God willing.  :]
I love to create beautiful hand crafted crochet & knit items that others can enjoy.  I feel so blessed to be doing something that I adore.  Check back often to see whats brewing in the world of Off The Hook Designs by KEKE !!!!

A few samples of items heading into my new shop today:

Color block, Hand knit scarf. Extra long & Super plush

Click to visit my shop :]
worked up in a stretchy 1x1 knit

Yep, that's me modeling my beautiful scar.  LOVE IT!  ~ :]
Natural cotton wide fringed scarf.  SOOOOO super duper soft, plush, warm and comfy.


Tuesday, December 6, 2011

[Expose] Yourself Project: Day[s] 5-7

Day 5. If [my] Walls Could Talk~ Hopefully they would not reveal too many of my secrets :]~ 
You would have an understanding into my life & the reason why no matter how crazy busy it gets sometimes..& no matter how full my schedule is......I still find time to pause & pray 5 times a day.

Day 6: Pattern Play. Crocheted flowers of my creation :]

Day 7. Pay [It] Forward: with my contagiously positive attitude :] I remember vividly every positive influence in my life & how each has had a definite impact upon my world.... in turn I really attempt to give back by going out of my way to reach others~ even if it's just with a smile, kind word or release of my shutter. ♥K.

Monday, December 5, 2011

Baby Sneak Peek ~ A Crochet Blog

Hi Guys & Gals.  A very quick picture blog of the adorable little baby sneaks heading into my ETSY SHOP 
[Grand Opening will be within the next week or so]
Sneak Peek. I've named these adorable little sneaks...but that will have to remain a secret until the unveiling during Grand Opening of my Etsy Shop  :]  There will be a boy version very soon as well  :]

Here are a few of the many designs from my  Off The Hook Designs Collections that will be added to my shop during the Grand Opening this December 2011.  :]   

Uni-sex banded cap. Cotton/Acrylic blend. Machine wash/dry flat. 

The AVA cap. Cotton/Acrylic Blend.  Soft, lightweight and adorable!

Special request items.  If it involved Yarn & Imagination...I can make!  These two items have been sold~ Since I've had many requests for the same design, I will be making a few to place in my shop.  :]


Detail Tiny Bow Cap

Detail BRI CAP

Rosette Purse
Keep your eye on this blog and my Shop for exciting new designs, deals & Occasional Free Patterns you will not want to miss!

Peace  &  Love,

Saturday, December 3, 2011

A Knitting Blog

Thought I would toss in a little knitting blog today.  Not to replace my [Expose] Project Posts...but a little interruption in routine is always a welcomed surprise, wouldn't you say  :]  I really need to muster up some motivation~ It will happen eventually I sense in rushing things  :]

As some of you may know, I have recently re-taught myself to knit [the correct way this time] & so a love affair has blossomed.  ♥  Here is the  beginnings of my very first 'real' knitted item.  It will be a scarf ....hopefully very soon & is already sold to a  pretty cool client of mine who is willing to wait patiently while I practice & knit something to my satisfaction...which quite honestly may never get done because I am a bit of a control freak perfectionist.  I've literally ripped more stitches than have knitted. :/  Hanging tough thus far.   I will certainly post up some pictures of my finished project once complete.  :]   I would highly suggest that no one hold their breath. 

First ever knit cables....and I do not own a cable needle yet so improvised.  Call me crazy...but I like to challenge myself.  :]

Is it my imagination or does it take forever to knit something?  Maybe it just seem that way because I am still a very new beginner to this fabulous art.

Friday, December 2, 2011

[EXPOSE] Yourself Project [B&W] Day 4

Day 4. My Inner Age~ is very immature compared to my real one. :]~
[coloring page & hand credit goes to a very adorable 3 year old boy]

Thursday, December 1, 2011


of a fifth floor window in New Cairo, Egypt.
Mc'D's Delivery Bike.

2011 New Cairo, Egypt : My submission to today's challenge
Shot number 2.
Street view from 8th floor balcony~Cairo City, Egypt. Kids at play  ~I really like the frame of leaves in this shot....a  potential submission but ultimately I went with the above image as we can only submit one image.