Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Day 10. [Expose][ing] A Change:

Day 10:  [Expose] [ing] Stuff I Need To Change:

While I really love the direction in which my life is going these days I could be a little more organized and steady on course. I tend to be a little flighty and lose direction & focus very easily if I am not right up on top of things. :] All in All though I have to say I am crazy in love with my life right now....and honestly can live with myself just as I am. :] I'm just enjoying this beautiful ride!!! x K.

This image was shot along a road trip from RI to NC in 2010.  I've been so absolutely busy lately  I simply did not have time to shoot & edit photos today.  I thought this fit nicely for today's Challenge. ♥

 So since this project was not as time consuming as some of the others I dreamed up this past week or so...I figured I would share a couple of images totally unrelated. 

These I shot today in Cairo, Egypt. ENJOY:

I'm digging this. 8.31.11

Self Portrait.  Can you see me?  This is a reflection on a mirrored building along the highway in Cairo.  8.31.11

I LOVE LOVE LOVE this building.  Egypt's Architecture is amazing! ♥ 8.31.11

Day 9. [Expose][ing] My Alter Ego [or not]

Finished Project
I am today what I always dreamed I would be, but never knew I wanted.

I have made a choice in my life to be modest. This doesn't mean that I hide under a rock and never allow others to see or hear from me. On the contrary. My modesty has allowed me to show to the world the person I really am. My true Alter Ego is the person that used to be; a model with no direction. A shy girl trying to be something that she is not. The girl attempting to be what everyone wanted her to be and nothing that she truly is. The girl who truly believed that her beauty was only skin deep but longed for something more & had no idea how to achieve it.. That lonely girl who never felt beautiful a day in her life.
Me Today. 2011

My Alter Ego no longer exists because I have found something much bigger, better and much more beautiful to fill that lonely place in my heart.
Just because my body is covered doesn't mean I cover who I am....Covering my physical beauty allows others to see the absolute  true beauty of my being

Hiding my skin doesn't make me less of a Person, Artist, Wife, Mother, Woman, or human being... It doesn't make me less beautiful or less worthy.
Covering up and leaving lots to the imagination has indeed made me a better person...a brighter personality
a better artist
a better everything
because it allows others to look past the physical beauty and [imperfections]
and know the person I truly am.
My Hubs and I in the Cairo Mall.  2011
'Between two Models'

My modesty has forced me to open up & allow others to know my heart, my true nature & the awesome person I always have been but never knew.

Today I know I am beautiful. I do not need anyone to tell me I am. :] ♥K.

Monday, August 29, 2011

Day 8; [Not So] Black & White:

Excuse me while I [Expose] myself.  That is on the [Expose] Yourself Project fb Wall.  :]
Today I posted up my finished project, although it was not really complete because it just seemed so long for fb.  & so you know what that means dontcha?!  That's right, I will post my project in its entirety here on my blog~just in case anyone wants to read my lengthy poem that goes along with my fantastic images.  (ok, Im pushing it...I know.  I'll stop now).

My Life is not only Black & is colored with emotion, pain....feeling...experiencing...spectating and participating in this wonderful thing we call LIFE.   There are definite aspects to me that simply stated are just "Whatcha See is whatcha get"  I'm me. I don't try to pretend to be anyone but me.  I am a leader and not so much a follower. I follow my own heart....sing my own tunes and make up the words as I go..... I dance to my own drummer & I am the type of person who will say whats on my mind when I feel I should...and sometimes when I probably shouldn't.  :/  
 Part of  me I hide in the shadows of self doubt and insecurities
Not always intentionally....But self doubt rears it's ugly head more than I would care to admit
I am a work in progress
*My artsy fartsy self portrait shot especially for this project.

At the age of 47  I find myself

ever growing

always reaching

forever striving for security and peace within my own skin
This was not a serious shot at all! I was in the salon having my hur did and took this to make my sister, who was there with me. laugh...which of course she did.  Coz we are fun that way. hahahaha.  It worked for this project so Ive included it.  Taadaaaa! :]

I am continually learning new ways to love & appreciate my  life as it is and acceptance of the things that I can not alone change.  I have learned to pray.... a lot for everything that I need or want because I know that God is listening.  I did not always know this.  To me it is a great comfort and helps me to relax with the knowledge that my life is in the hands of my creator who just happens to think I am pretty awesome just as I am...because God NEVER makes mistakes.  God loves all of his creations.  ♥
(Shot this image at a 50th birthday bash for my sister-in-law. )

occasionally, like many,  I fall into dark recesses within my own mind where all of my baggage from this life is stored away.     I do not like nor wish to visit this place very often.  It is at these times that I feel panicked & trapped & sometimes struggle in finding my way back to the light of day.
But I do. Eventually. 
Shooting in RI..2010

where I am able to once again discover a little more about who I am & enjoy the passions in my life.  Most of the time though I am happy and content & do not think about the unpleasant stuff...even if that means I must remind myself not to be dragged down.  I try hard not to think about the dark days and stay in the moment where I am safe...In the warmth & light where I bask ....content.

a safe distance from the demons past & present

where I am showered with light upon my soul

revealing interest & depth in its wake
Road Trip to NC. 2010

I welcome these shadows of my being no matter how unkind or scary they may be or seem at the unwanted as they are

as I reflect upon that light that illuminates those dark hidden places I am grateful to God.
I am not at all just or only or even
black and white
but rather a complexity of Contradictions
& commonalities alike. I am every shade of and in between the two....and then some
Road Trip to Carolina with my sister, Regina.  So much fun!!

I am a rainbow
& Interesting
Rich and colorful 
Mutunuck Beach. RI. 2010

I am
a beating heart
a racing pulse
a quiet mind
a daring soul 
 I am a Daughter
My Mother, Siblings and I around the age of 2yr.  I'm the fat round one in the front with the funny looking, not that one, she's my mother! ... lol.....the short round one on your right. :]  Yep that's me...before I grew looks. :]
The Hubs & Love of my Life~Not a willing participant in my photo obsessed shoot outs.  But I take what I can get. :]

'Pieces of Him' ♥ such a handsome guy. I love him.
My Lovely Children ♥ They're so beautiful. I love them too
♥ These two adorables. With all of my heart~They are the BEST! & it's not only because I am their Gramma ...If you met them, you would feel the same way. These kids ROCK the FUN!
Sister, Cousin & friend. 
My Sisters and I 1967 or thereabout Love them both so much. We get one another in ways that no one in this world could ever know or understand.  God was good to me giving me the gift of my sisters.  They are not only my sisters...but my friends and confidants...they are wonderful  insightful, funny, intelligent and kind human beings and I feel blessed to know them both & after matter what...I still have them in my life.
I am an ever present participant and lover of life, I am an artists, dreamer, believer of God and everything good & beautiful in this world. I am a giver & positive energy.  I am all of these things and more. I am not nearly black or  white or even in between.... but every color ever [& never] imagined..... I am ME. ♥K.
Finished Project

Day 7. [Expose] [ing] My Bees Knees with Pleasure

Day 7. Mixing a little Pleasure with my Bee's Knees. I travel quit a bit... 
No matter where in the world I happen to be~
I try to find time to kick back and enjoy the little & bigger things in life. 
 My finished Project:
♥ K.

*Today I am feeling like a bag of SkittlesCheck back later to find out why that is.  :]

Saturday, August 27, 2011

Day 6. [Expose] My Favorite Fairytale

Today's project should have been called 'EXPOSING THE FACT THAT I DO NOT REALLY CARE FOR FAIRYTALES' 

This project was a bit challenging for me for a number of reasons.

  • Firstly, I have never been the fairytale type (please don't hate I never really cared for them as a child and less as an adult.
  • 2. My art supply is lacking to say the least & literally contains one pencil for which the eraser on the end is non existent and one pen that keeps running out of ink.(the third writing tool in the image is just a photo prop people) hahaha
  • & C. I am still away from my home and so access to anything fairytale or otherwise is slim to none at the moment.
Short of opting out of todays challenge I chose to remain true to myself by whipping up a little something from scratch by utilizing  my awesome sketching skillz and vivid imagination. I have always (and still do) appreciated the one and only Dr. Seuss! My favorite of which is 'Oh the Places You'll Go.'~It's a simple little rhyme packed full of meaning & humor the way much of his work is. I grew up on the Doc as did my children & now Grandchildren. ♥
Peace. K. :]

Breaking it down.... :]
This just happens to be my VERY favorite book by the Dr.  It holds a lot of meaning for me as it was presented as a gift to me by a very supportive person in my life wayyyyyyyyyy back in the day.  The first time ever reading this particular piece of fabulous art was when I was in my 20's and facing some very challenging days.  Reading this book was a turning point for me that brought me out of a very dark place and into the light where I was then better able to cope with tragedies I faced during those tough years.  I'll save all of that for another post on another day because this post is reserved for my fairytale theme....or lack thereof. :]

 So here is what I came up with for todays challenge. It was a challenge just finding a pencil, believe that! please be kind if you should happen to comment (hint hint) on this post today.    I used to enjoy drawing and actually have not done so in years. I should more often...and probably will....if I don't lose my pencil that is.  My son, who is an art major and a true artist  will be proud of me for doing this today.  My son, Joe...He's a great kid...I will post a blog about him another day as well.  I can not move on from here without at least letting you know that he is AWESOME!! (in every way) ♥
(No chuckling of any kind will be tolerated) :]  I whipped this little diddy up because I needed something more to fill the empty side of my story board in order to post my entry on the [Expose] Yourself's FB Wall. 
At this point my pencil was wearing pretty far down and I could not locate the one and only sharpener I own at the moment.  Probably a good thing as I really need the sharpener for my eyeliner pencil...I think I would be kicking myself had I actually found and used it on a lead pencil.  So I was stuck sketching this with a dull pencil.  I don't know about anyone else, but I have a thing about writing tools....I have favorite pens that I like to use and Im a little partial to some pencils as well.  All of which just happen to be at home....where I am not.  So I made due. 
I was thinking about just downloading a page with some of the story on it to include with my wonderful artwork..but that would have been just plain lazy of me.  So I used my one nearly ink-less pen to write and then shoot a few lines from my book of choice.  I have arm pain from shaking the ink to the bottom of the pen  to complete this...which is why you may notice my handwriting is not the greatest here.  Hey....No Im not making excuses! Sheesh! :]

So yeah...that's pretty much it.  This project by far was the most challenging for me....just because of the circumstances I find myself in at this moment in time.  But I LOVE a good challenge and I LOVE being creative and being able to whip something up in the face of difficult circumstances.
Something FRESH and DELISH.... 
That's what's cooking in KeKe's Kitchen!


Friday, August 26, 2011

Day 5. [Expose] The Apple of My Eye ♥

Day 5. THE APPLE OF MY not exactly an Apple.......It's a birthday Dinner to me from my wonderful family.....who just happen to be sitting across the table from me [ & my plate of yum♥yums] .....and who just happen to also be the true APPLES OF MY EYE ♥♥♥ K

Day 4. [Expose] My Biggest Mistake

"The biggest mistake one can make in life is continually fearing you will make one."-E.H.

While certainly I have made lots of mistakes in my life I have few regretsI could have gone with something a little more profound....but I decided to share my experience with addiction in the hopes that others can learn something from one of the biggest mistakes in my life.

My finished project:  
 Photo Props: Nikon cam belongs to the hubs, the little pouch in the back with the yellow flower is a little crocheted ipod pouch I  designed and created for myself & due to popular demand I am now creating these little gems for others. They will be posted on my Etsy very soon. (Etsy is under construction).  Flowers were picked by my sweetheart while out walking (He's so cute), Yarn and crochet needles saved me during the long aggravating hours of withdrawals :]
My Biggest Mistake:

That I ever started the age of 11! (I know it's as bad as it sounds)..which is why it truly is the biggest mistake of my life.
I became so addicted I was unable to quit no matter how many attempts I made or how educated I became on the detrimental affects smoking has on a persons health.  I was hooked. Addicted. Nothing was going to change that....nothing .....except me.

Seven months ago, I came to the realization that I adore my loved ones, cherish my life and wish to be here to enjoy my relationships for as long as possible. I know my life is worth the effort & the benefits certainly outweigh any pain and aggravation it takes to quit. I decided it was time for me to quit for good..... & So....I threw away my smoking paraphernalia....literally locked myself in my room with my crochet, camera, pen & paper and quit cold turkey. (mostly to save others from my wrath...I was not a people person during my withdrawals ). :/

So today I can proudly say I am a NON-SMOKER & truly mean it. I am a runner now when before I had trouble breathing making up a flight of stairs...I work out 5 days a week & I can breath while doing it!!! Woot!
*Photo borrowed from tumblr. ~I am not a big fan of posting work other than my own~but I like this....a lot! :]
I am still an addict...however I am now addicted to the good things in my life...
My family..
fresh air
stopping to smell the roses...and actually being able to SMELL them
cooking & relishing in the explosion of flavors on my pallet

All the things that make me happy & nothing that doesn't contribute something positive to my life. My biggest mistake ended up to be my biggest challenge as well as my biggest accomplishment and one of the biggest things I am most proud of ♥

Love, K.
 A few of my current projects that are part of my  KEKE CREATIONS collection. :]
An unfinished flower purse.  It's gonna be beautiful when complete. 
 Beginnings of two lovely matching doilies created for a client 

Thursday, August 25, 2011

[Expose] Yourself Project Day 3.

Day 3. Me in [ONE] object:
 *the significance of the little present at the bottom of my image is because time on this earth is a  gift that we all should take full advantage of ~♥  *I purposely over processed this image for the vintage affect to portray something about myself.  Processed images are not really my style....but this was a special occasion & I felt warranted doing so.
I chose to shoot this (very very) vintage pocket watch~carefully borrowed from a friend~ because I am well aware of the fact that I have limited time in this life to accomplish everything I wish. I certainly do stop and smell the roses, hug my loved ones, laugh , cry and experience life with vigor. There is a definite bounce in my step. I have a quiet determination to take advantage of every single moment I have in my life & live it to the fullest.

This watch is a lot like me: Still ticking....Albeit a little worse for the wear~more valuable as we mature & still accurate at least two times a day. :]

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

[Expose] Yourself Project/Exposing What Influences Me

Day 2. Of my [Exposure]  therapy. :]

I AM INFLUENCED BY......My Faith ♥

& so the above is my finished project.  I did not feel a need to elaborate as my image sets the mood & is pretty self explanatory. (I happen to love the colors and dof...just sayin) :]

It's difficult putting myself out there for all the world to see (of course I am aware of the fact that the entire world literally has not viewed my art as of yet~but I hold onto the hope that one day......♥) ... But the point is.....I put myself out there nonetheless, [Exposed] & vulnerable to the public & lots of people who do not know me personally (nor I them) & can only decide who I am through what I relay to the world via my photos & written (or in this case typed) words. We all wish to set a good example to others.  No one wants to be viewed as strange or unapproachable.  Everyone wants to be liked (no matter what anyone says to the contrary...."I don't care what anyone thinks...blah blah blah")......  The fact of the matter is, we all care on some level.  We all wish to be accepted if not loved by others. 
 (My beautiful Holy Quran♥}
While there are clear differences, I've noticed there are also commonalities within the entries into yesterday's project. I was not the only participant who chose God as my Influence.  Others also posted images that portray how they are influenced by their own individual & diverse religious faiths & love for God.   Isn't it fantastic that we can also share in our love and passion for our individual and diverse Artistic Outlets.  It's a shame that we can not all look at our religious differences in the same way.  There is beauty in what we share in common.....and probably more so in our differences.
I am happy I was able to share something that means so much to me.  It took courage for me to do so because I am not blind to the fact that not everyone is as accepting as I in these delicate matters.   It is my hope that I have influenced others in a positive way. 

My faith in God~My Religion~My Love~ My Life .........can not be touched or judged by any human being. God is my strength & my faith I can not be swayed by words or actions of others.  My belief is routed deep within my heart, is strong in my mind & what makes up my soul..   My faith in my God  is who I am and everything I am about.  It is what influences my life & me in every way....every minute of every day. 

A sunset is confirmation of God's is the ultimate definition of beauty.

So I close this entry with a couple of images  I shot (In Egypt)  over the last few nights.   It doesn't matter how many sunsets I capture (and I capture many~refer to my fb page SHAMELESS FB PLUG for confirmation ) ~each one is unique in its own beautiful way... although there are clear differences, as with each of us~ a sunset has in common the  ability to make me pause for a moment ..hold my breath without thinking..  and reach for my camera to document and share its awesomeness with the world,

Peace & Love, K.

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

[Expose] Yourself Project/Exposing My Best Trait.

Yesterday marked the official beginning of the [Expose] Yourself Project.  I thought I would share mine with you.  I'll begin with the finished project~


MY BEST TRAIT: My incredible sense of humor and ability to make others laugh (as well as myself)... I am quick witted, light hearted, silly & fun :]
Life is way too short to be anything but HAPPY. Go on...laugh...I know you know you wanna....Happiness really is contagious! :]
♥ K

I like my entry....I think it nicely & simply sums up my personality in a cute little nut-shell :]  Certainly there is more to me than the fact that I am quite the comic. :]  ....But being happy/funny, finding humor in life & having the ability to make others smile & laugh, in my eyes is one of  my very best qualities..and since we had to pick one for this challenge, it is what I chose. :]

Humor has helped me rise above any negativity in my life.
It's allowed me to be a happy & relaxed Mommy to my kids.  (The tall guy in the middle wearing the weird stach is not mine, but who has time to crop people out)   :]  Nah, He is my youngest daughter's bf....Way to get out of wearing the COOL-WHIP STACH, Tay! :]  She's a smart one that kid! ♥

Ahhh there they are!  All three of em.  (bet you are regretting not participating in the cool-whip shot now, huh Tay?! lol)    I am very proud to report that I have passed along the 'humor gene' to my kids.  Here they are doing a little impromptu glamor shot @ home. ♥

Ok last one ...I promise! :]  Making faces only a mother could love. hahahaha.  ♥

Wonder where they get that from.

....Have I mentioned the humor gene has also been passed down to my grandchildren who still think that their Grandmudda is the funniest person ever! ?  :]   They are pretty darned funny themselves...

While I certainly have not been able to document every single time I've made someone crack up~and trust me I'm cracking up right along side them.....Here is a shot of my sister who is always an easy target because we go out on shooting adventures together and well....the camera is available at times like this........
...and this. lol

 I hope there never comes a time when I do not find humor in my life~I pray I never wipe the smile or cool-whip stach off my face because one is good for the skin, while the other is good for the soul.
Peace and Love, K.